Monday, September 13, 2010

First Digital Painting Ever.

This was my first digital painting.. ever.  So, it kind of sucks.  Some nice ideas.. but, I'd do it completely differently now.

Mage Desk

Still life for Illustration 3: Digital Painting.  This was like.. my second digital painting, ever.  Worked out well enough!  Some things to fix, a mushy edge, and weird shape.

Dragon Tea Party

No.. not a Dragon who longs for less government involvement..

Koala Super Hero.

From Illustration 2 water color of a real animal, and turning it into a character.  Didn't work out quite as I wanted to.. but I tried something new.

More Italy.

Italy paintings.. on location.

Plein Air paintings done in Italy.  Imagine that!  Wow.. feels so long ago, now.

Let's get started. Vector Art from Illustration 3

Terminator! Rar!